It has various types to adapt to different working conditions, such as single girder overhead crane, double girder overhead crane, grab overhead crane, casting overhead crane, foundry crane with hook, workstation bridge crane. Favourite Crane Operator (network user information confidentiality agreement). It can vary widely in terms of the crane configurations, design and other special options. To receive a proper crane solution, contact us now and discuss your 10 ton overhead crane specification with one of our experts. How about the lifting height and power source? In addition, it can save the steel structure construction. 6. which kind of material does it lift? Crane travelling mechanism – the crane can run on the top of the runway beam or on the bottom flange of the beam. Electrical equipment – insulated conductor bars or festoon systems bring the power to the crane. It is generally powered with electricity. In particular, the place of continuous production cannot be ignored. Here is an Italian made 2012 Jekko Electric mini warehouse picking … 1. lifting capacity: __ton? Power model(electric/hydraulic/diesel): 7. Aicrane well-experienced after-sales service engineers go to the work site to help the customer install and debug the equipment. 2. 10 ton overhead crane is available from us with reliable quality and good performance. 4. Jib Crane … To this end, it is suggested that no permanent connection, such as riveting or welding, is used. Overhead bridge crane is a simple piece of machinery used for lifting and moving heavy loads from one location to another. There are chiefly two model 10 ton bridge crane for sale, one is 10 ton single girder bridge crane for sale, another is double girder overhead crane. Building dimension (L*W*H): 3. 5. quantity:__sets? Wanna details crane installation services, welcome to contact us. Table size (mm): 3. offers 5,951 10 ton overhead crane for sale products. Trolley – it is the unit onto which the hoist is mounted. Refer to the hoist manufacturer. Power source: 1. If you have higher requirement on material handling work and demands more on overhead crane 10 ton, European type overhead crane is recommended to meet your higher demands. Overhead Crane for Sale. Enter your contact details here to help us serve you better! According to the user's requirements and the actual situation, we propose an overall design plan for the user, and tailor a reasonable configuration to meet the customer's overall demand for crane economy, safety and efficiency. We will reply in 24 hours. We not only offer overhead crane design, fabrication, but provide delivery, installation and maintenance services. 10 Ton P&H Overhead Bridge Cranes For Sale (Two Available) 73' 6" Span Hoists in good condition 10 Ton Capacity ... Read More. Drum capacity(mm x m): 3. It is a load-bearing member of the crane and spans the width of the building. Multiple Forms of 10 Ton Overhead Crane for Sale The 10 tons overhead crane supplied by our company can be configured in many different ways to suit varying working situations. Used 10 Ton x 50’ / 30’ Top Running Overhead Bridge Crane for sale at auction by Asset Sales, Inc. For complete details on 10 Ton x 50’ / 30’ Top Running Overhead Bridge Crane, please visit our … As the name implies, it is mounted on top of the runway beam, thus it delivers greater strength, higher efficiency and greater durability than an underhung overhead crane. (may need new contacts)_(shipping dimensions- 10'7" wide- 28' long) Apply for Financing Get … Our overhead cranes can also be custom designed and constructed to … Machinery For Sale; Real Estate For Sale/Lease; Financing & Leasing << Back to Complete Auction Details Global Online Auction (10) 2-20 TON OVERHEAD BRIDGE CRANES, 10 TON HEEDE/P&H TRAVELING OUTDOOR GANTRY CRANE, IRCO ROTARY WELDING TABLE, 10… 10 ton overhead crane is a popular and cost-effective lifting equipment used in a variety of fields and sectors, such as manufacturing, mining, chemical industry and steel mills. Rope/chain diameter(mm): 4. Especially for outdoor cranes, in order to avoid wind blowing and rollover, in the nonworking state, the rail clamping device is clamped on the track, so the reliability of such track laying is more important. The inclined joint can make the large wheel smooth transition at the joint. Speed(m/min): 6. 3 phase power supply(v/hz) 5. It is mainly composed of main beam, end beams, hoisting mechanism, crane travelling mechanism, control system and electrical equipment. Technical requirements for the installation of track: The rail joint can be made straight or 45 degrees. document.write(""); document.write(emailname + "@" + emailserver); The gap of the normal joint is 1~2mm. 1. On the one hand, it can be used in many occasions such as a warehouse, workshop, factory and so on. What material to handle: 4. The selection of 10 ton overhead crane is largely determined by your applications, operating conditions, working environments and required duty cycle. Each of our 10 ton bridge crane is ruggedly constructed to delivers long service life. When the track is mounted on one side generally higher than the other side, the crane moves to the lower side, thereby increasing the lateral force of the track. A wide variety of 10 ton overhead crane for sale options are available to you, such as warranty of core components, local service … 10 ton overhead crane is a portable EOT crane. To get the latest 10 ton overhead crane price, call us today or send an email to us! The Hoist is included. Here are a number of … Bridge – it is the unit incorporating one or two main beams and end beams. Controls – the crane controls are available with pendant control, wireless remote control and cabin control. When the length of a single rail is about 10m, it is desirable to 4~6mm (including normal gap). Rated load(t): 2. When the temperature in the cold area is below 20 degrees Celsius in winter, the temperature gap should be considered. 2012 Jekko MPK20W. We offer a variety of double girder overhead cranes to suit your specific needs, such as AQ-QD hook overhead crane, AQ-LH hoist overhead crane, AQ-NLH European standard overhead crane, AQ-QB explosion proof overhead crane, AQ-QZ grab overhead crane and AQ-QC magnetic overhead crane. 1. 10 ton Overhead Crane hook for sale. Lifting height(m): 3. What rated load of hoist you want? The customer said he would continue to work with us. var emailname = "info"; Unused 2019 Mass Crane and Hoist 40 Ton Overhead Crane, (1) 1 Ton Jib, 40 Ton Capacity, 62' 11" Span, 15' 11" Max Hook Height, 14 FPM Hoist Speed, 40hp Hoist Power, 80 FPM Trolley Speed, 120 FPM Bridge Speed, 10,500lb Trolley Weight, 43,244lb Bridge Weight, Serial #: 112018. Condition: G Price: $3,500 Track gauge: 6. Cranes. Bridge crane: 10 ton double girder with a 27'3" span ctr to ctr od wheels. 4. power source: __v/__hz/__p? Each of them has its particular uses and advantages. Since the overhead crane parts and components greatly affect its performance and durability, it is indeed important to select a crane with the right configurations and features. 10 Ton Demag Overhead Bridge Crane For Sale. If you have special … A wide variety of 10 ton overhead crane options are available to you, such as warranty of core components, local service location, and … If the large and small car brake at the same time, it produces a synthetic braking force, so that the track is subjected to an oblique thrust. Control model: pendant control or remote control? We provide various types of 10 ton bridge crane for sale. Boat weight(t): 2. Hoist – it is used to raise and lower the load using wire rope or chain. It is very easy to install, operate and maintain. The overhead crane 10 ton comes in four main configurations, including single girder, double girder, top running and underhung system. This crane has won praise from our customer for its excellent quality and outstanding performance. The end trucks are 10'10" long and it has a 5 HP center drive motor. Overhead crane capacity(t): 2. 10 ton Overhead Cranes for Sale. Rated load(t): 2. Add: Daxue Road, Erqi District, Zhengzhou, Henan, China. Home; Overhead Bridge Cranes; There are a variety of cranes in the bridge crane category, such as gantry cranes and jib cranes, but one of the most utilized types of bridge crane is the overhead bridge crane.Overhead bridge cranes perform the same material handling and load lifting operations as other types of bridge cranes, but overhead crane … How many hours does your hoist work per day? 7. how many hours does it work per day? This form of crane is ideal for occasions where the building height is not sufficient. It shall not exceed 10mm at the post, not exceed 15mm at other locations, and 10mm for gantry cranes, and no more than gantry cranes and loading cranes with a span greater than 40m. Please feel free to give your inquiry in the form below. 5.which kind of goods does it lift : 6. crane working condition or environment: 7. how long meters does your crane travel? Lifting attachment – the lifted load can be supported using a hook which is connected to the hoist. Check Dongqi 10 ton overhead crane hook … 2001 45-Ton 77' Whiting Top Running Double Girder Overhead Bridge Crane, 1995 40-Ton P&H Spectrum Dual Girder Overhead Bridge Crane, 1995 20-Ton P&H Spectrum Dual Girder Overhead Bridge Crane, 10 Ton Louden Single Girder Overhead Bridge Crane Rated load(T)or pull force(KN): 2. Prefabricated concrete beams must be retained for the installation of anchor bolts. 20 FT Span, 600V, Excellent Condition, Certified In 2020. In addition to reliability, the installation of the track must be considered to be easy to replace. 10 ton overhead crane is a great lifting device for material handling, lifting and transporting. 5 TON X 36' 2" HARRINGTON TOP RUNNING OVERHEAD BRIDGE CRANE: YBM #13330 Agree with similar manufacturers to check, in order to get more product information, I agree with, Double Girder Overhead Crane for Indonesia Client, 5 Ton Overhead Crane With Chain Hoist for Dominica Client, AQ-LD 20 Ton Overhead Crane for Kazakhstan Client, 2T Underhung Crane Installation in Uzbekistan, AQ-NLH 30 Ton Overhead Crane For Nigerian Client, European Type Single Girder 10 Ton Overhead Crane To Nigeria, LD 10 Ton Overhead Crane And Steel Structure Installation, Installation of NLH 10T Overhead Crane And BMH Semi Gantry Crane, European Type 10T And 32T Overhead Cranes in Customer’s Workshop, European Standard 5 Ton Underhung Crane Installation, 2 Sets of 70 Ton Gantry Cranes Installation for Argentine Client, 40T Double Girder Gantry Crane Installed in Malaysia, Installation of 5 Ton Double Girder Gantry Crane in UAE, 5 Ton Portable Gantry Crane For US Client, Installation of MH 10 Ton Gantry Crane on Customer Site, Delivery of 5 Ton Electric Winches To UAE Customer, 10 Ton Hydraulic Winches Shipped To Indonesia, 30 Ton Slow Speed Electric Winches Shipped To Turkey, 20 Ton Slow Speed Electric Winch For Pakistan Customer, 12 Ton Waterfall Type Hydraulic Winch in The Philippines, Electric Hoists Delivery to Indonesian Customer, Recruitment of Global After-sales Maintenance Outlets of Lifting Equipment. 10 ton overhead bridge crane, double girder under hung, 10' x 60', w/ 200' of runway 83048. mannesmann-demag cable hoist - model: fdh525h20kn2-4/1f10, s/n 905179 patriot remtron 25r11 pendant control specifications subject to verification cash with order immediate, subject to prior sale … Seismic rating: 1. var emailserver = ""; Running length(m): 7. When a big car or a trolley runs the break, it produces longitudinal or lateral forces. To handle different types of materials, we offer grab bucket, electromagnetic chuck, carries beam and so on. 5. Double girder 10 ton overhead bridge crane is more efficient and durable than a single girder crane. The lateral dislocation and height difference of the two track at the joint should be less than or equal to 1mm. Running speed(m/min): 8. The overhead crane 10 ton comes in four main configurations, including single girder, double girder, top running and underhung system. 3. total beam length: __m? To this end, effective measures should be taken to secure the track in a reliable way. Dongqi Crane offers types of overhead crane hooks and crane hook parts to make your overhead crane high efficiency. Overhead Cranes for Sale Buy and sell unused and used Overhead Cranes at IronPlanet. Others. Span(m): 4. power source: __v/__hz/__phase? On the same section, the surface of the rail is high and low: to a bridge type crane. 10 Ton x 50’ / 30’ Top Running Overhead Bridge Crane FOR SALE. 1. Different components can be engineered to improve the crane capacity and performance. Wharf size(m): 1. The underslung crane travels at the bottom flange of the runway beam which is suspended from the ceiling height of your facility. On the same side, the elevation between the elevation and the adjacent column between the two columns is not more than 15mm, but the maximum is not more than 15mm.The errors of the track span, the center of the track and the center of the rail bearing and the straight track are not straight. Please feel free to give your inquiry in the form below.,