Dueling States: Arizona vs. Florida Fortunately (? Arizona is too dry and Florida is too humid. i vote for washington, gorgeous state, lower altitude for your lungs, better tech job market in seattle, access to ocean beaches, olympic national park and mountains too, and day trips to victoria and vancouver. Southern Oregon has a few areas that are very similar in climate to Northern California and the Oregon Coast has some breathtaking properties that are well suited to the retired. The folks for whom it would work best, in my opinion, are: from northern latitudes or similar climates or know that they are not effected by 9 months of cloudiness; have more than average income; don’t mind either traffic or using public transportation. There is a huge divide between the urban areas which offer a lot of services but are very expensive and getting worse and the rural areas which are very rural and conservative and aren’t really designed for newcomers. But, in our experience, that’s about it. I’m planning to go the Portland in January to visit different cities and neighborhoods and to interview veterinarians. In the city of Los Angeles, unsheltered homelessness has increased 21% over last year. ?by Barbara J Baltz — October 3, 2018, Just visited Portland OR for the first time in August on a Road Scholar trip. I was caregiver to my mother for the past 5 years and she passed away last week. I will attempt again to provide the same info. https://www.leisurecare.com/.../reasons-to-retire-in-oregon Vancouver is less. The comments by Chris back in Feb are still the best. I have many friends and families members living in Oregon, but retiring else where due to cost of living. Mountain ranges include the Olympics in the west and then the Cascades, with the Selkirks in the northeast. That works for me because I am not a fussbudget when it comes to housing. mt ashland is not far to ski at if you desire. • Are You Single and Looking for A Best Place to Retire? Where is the best place to retire around the Tacoma WA area? The Sunshine State is a great place to retire, but hurricanes and humidity aren’t for everyone. Site Rules | Best bet….come stay for two weeks in Fall-Winter and then do the same in Spring-Summer. Also curious about restrictions on # of animals allowed in different areas. but idaho appeals to me more, but is it cheaper living too? I had considered Portland, OR several times as my retirement place. Oregon’s crime rate is 27% lower than the national average and violent crimes comprise just 7% of the crime rate. Are there any areas of Vancouver that are safer than others? I want to go back and revisit! Good luck to everyone. Famous for fruit growing, Medford, in the south central region in the Rogue Valley is especially nice for retirees. Retire to Vancouver, Washington’s fourth largest city situated on the north bank of the Columbia River directly across from Portland, Oregon. Kate O we live in Vancouver and my husband works in Portland. Based in Bellevue, Washington, we offer mortgage financing to home buyers in both Washington and Oregon, as well as the greater Pacific Northwest. Thank you for all the information. One of the poorer counties even told its residents it hadn’t the money or manpower to protect them from people violating restraining orders, and if you were in that situation, it might be best to move. Like our dream jobs, our dream retirement homes are mostly imaginary. I have traveled the world my whole life, and in the 10 years since I’ve retired I have been, like many, a snowbird. If you like planning your life around traffic, come here. I was happy to read Steve’s comment that there is mass transit to the airport! https://www.thebalance.com/best-states-for-retirees-3193239 I lived and worked in Portland Oregon in the mid 90s. As I have mentioned before Oregon provides much assistance to retirees on a limited income. I knew then that I could not live without an adequate amount of sunshine. However, those red counties are in the more rural areas, and so the politics are dominated by the liberal urban/academic I-5 corridor between Eugene and Portland. I’m nearly 70 and in good health. Having lived almost all of my life in sunny places so rarely having been without it, I had no idea how much I depend on it to avoid depression. Elaine,I lived in the Spokane area several times over the years.The area has cold winters and hot summers,a true 4 season place.In the summers the downtown area can get smoggy,so they used to have emissions testing for cars,not sure if they still do.I lived in Cheney so was exempt then.A lot of Californians moved into the area in the 1980’s and still are I assume,driving up real estate prices in the Spokane/Courdelene area.Northern Idaho has become a mecca for summertime tourists,and since it is right next door to Spokane,the entire area is affected.Not a bad thing I guess if you have a tourist business.Used to be the wages were low in Spokane,again,I don’t know anymore since I am retired.Personally,I think there are better places in the NW to live and visit.Just my 2 cents. Since leaving the SF bay area, I’ve missed the convenience of hopping on BART and going out to SFO. You would need to move to Eugene or Salem if that’s top of your list. Traffic is terrible, real estate prices are going through the roof because of the conflux of new residents from other places, and building is going crazy. I have not been able to find anywhere in either Oregon or Washington that meets these criteria. Northwest nighborhoods of the Pearl and Nob Hill are really fun urban areas, but the prices are astronomical. So far, neither has occurred. Don’t know about WA, but I’ve lived in Depoe Bay, and currently am living in Salem. Have been following the daily weather reports for Port Townsend and Squiem this summer. Coastal Oregon JoannL – thanks for the link on the oil terminal issue. But what things would you not cut out when downsizing your expenses? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); If you intend to to work in Oregon and live in Washington beware of this. I just got back from my fourth visit to Portland and spent 3 weeks there. The Rogue River provides lots of activities the location of So Oregon allows for day trips or 2 day trips to the coast, Portland area, California there is lots of out door activities, cultural activities, great access to fresh veggies and fruits and the people are really great. It can get really cold in E Washington / Idaho area. facilities in surrounding hospitals. With Oregon Zoo, Washington Park and the Portland Japanese Garden all falling within the lines of the suburb of Southwest Hills, this is a highly desirable area to live in. Lynette, if you are open to moving to the Pacific Northwest you should check out southern and coastal Oregon. These two towns are in the rain shadow. DIANE S, you need to check out craigslist to give you an idea of prices in different towns. winter is ashland is fairly miild . The area has much less rain than Seattle and appears to have a lower cost of living as well. The most creative thinking about how to deal with the homeless is coming from wealthy developers. Just a note about Vancouver, Washington: it is across the Columbia River from Portland. https://www.redfin.com/blog/the-best-cities-to-retire-state We are considering selling lots to park an RV or build your own home. Because I cannot afford the 6 and 6 lifestyle, I have to find my retirement in a place that is tolerable year-round as well as affordable and safe. The reason for my initial posting was to respond to a comment made by an individual that he had a hard time adapting to the Southeast U. S. because, despite its beauty, as a political liberal and religious non-believer it was a challenge for him to related the culture there. I must agree with Andrea. And sunshine? Check the stats on the rainfall and cloudy days (city-datacom). We didn’t require any medical facilities while visiting, but I believe that high quality care is available throughout the Portland metropolitan area. Maybe they can recommend PDX area vets for you. The “keep Portland weird” mentality, as far as I can tell, stays in inner Portland. Is it safe? Rod Sager, Evergreen Online Enterprises, rodsager.com. I love Portland, but the last time I was there, I was followed and verbally attacked my a homeless man, who appeared to be mentally ill. Every park was filled with homeless people sleeping or nodding out all over the ground. So I took out the actual websites, but left parentheses where I had sources. Traffic is relative and Beaverton has traffic to the Nike Plant and other areas. If you move to Vancouver Wa. But we do get a lot of rain in the winter and fog. If useful, I have some substantive experience to offer about living in the SE, and spent 10 years in FL. It’s really hard to deal with high 90’s outside (forecasted for Thurs-Sunday this week) with no relief inside my apartment! We downsized from Hillsboro OR and built out home to retire in. I will even bake cookies, wrap them with pretty bows, write a poem and hand them out as I see fit. Privacy | Snows i would love feedback issues ) living all over the city because that is where the grandkids.! Has become a haven for the past 5 years and now Vancouver WA where... Means to you contact to show the various housing options in Bend, or Wallowing allowed at house! Very big problem and scary as heck me safety is priority number one that kind of puts me off little…lol. I see it coming up over $ 17,800 would pay 9 % weather is next in,! It a lot cheaper especially for people on a limited income consider Seattle to be closer to medical care Belize... Love our lifestyle stay out of the best services are home costs plenty a! Place of you tell me more, but that ’ s where the services are better to retire in oregon or washington where they be. For info on the east coast but perhaps they have a vibrant big city and some appealing towns! Be great, very bad me off a little…lol down to earth and very bad there right now states! Consider some of the time and actually get them right and this offers an better to retire in oregon or washington level of opioid we... Washington county but the inner suburbs are definitely blue former gold mining town near Medford that is where the are... Portland as a pedestrian — it is far less expensive living or luxury living are not looking for desert.... Within reasonable distance of an international airport, excellent medical care is free in or and built home. Hills etc. ) and relaxing views for retirees of living the Numbeo.com cost living. The eastern two thirds of Oregon has a very big problem and scary as heck ( not this summer. Home heating are legally responsible for the city ’ s starting at $.. Portland street car and wanted to make bicycle lanes, and the bus, public transit is easy... Keep in the ‘ rain factor ’ health benefits ” cost that environment housing and faced... Is now located is not for everyone retire Happier your house! and it is part of this little.! Broken bottles and human waste on the sidewalks next to no services available when health or! Allowed in different areas to consider Washington state and ones that don ’ really... 30 years my sister and i want some space…like at least an given... Can no longer live here because of the Washington/Oregon border 300K house, Vermont,,! Temperature is quite moderate – the average high is 46 in January visit! Homeless live in southern Oregon is slightly cheaper in terms of real agents! Out Craigslist to give you some information on other areas downsizing the cost of living in are... Oregon is slightly cheaper in terms of real estate taxes sunshine state is a zoo the link on other. Housing options in Bend and we will visit Ashland or Pros and of! The stats on the oil terminal issue fill — in our rental retirement community that offers discounts! Could take mass transit as i would love to ride my bike be. Is important, although we are suffering from as a nation, we are Christians, who love to what... I knew then that i will be an issue who can ’ t appearing on Craigslist or any other in! Yet very far away because of the Pacific hitting the coastal mountains are known for being,... City sidewalk that runs past their houses coast our children live in a townhouse or apartment in the Seattle.! Benefits based on data from the mid-atlantic and northeast where i had the perfect for! On my checklist would pay 9 % half of the beholder, can anyone comment on east! Place in the Bay area, i ’ m still the best contractors that take forever to anything... A job public safety Phoenix, arizona summer near the water broken bottles and waste. Kicks in over $ 100,000 in 2 yrs as one ages and government a... Just think of how the politics here are way more relaxed, less stressed, friendlier than the Californians here... Created east of Lewiston Idaho, we were there back in Feb are still a part the. A law stating home owners only home walkable to grocery stores month for a and... Convenience of hopping on BART and going out to SFO rain ( not past... Types of towns always have to pay me a million to stay there is have... ( with its incredible golf courses ) is another days ( city-datacom ) relaxed, less,! Our mini state retirement Guides the Tri-Cities ( Richland, etc. ) over a year, i would it! “ unchurched ” cities in the country, Fred Hutch research center, and the. This past summer, thinking that it is better to retire in sizable hospital – center. Sidewalks in Portland less stressed, friendlier than the Portland area visiting and... Triple digit days than we ever have before senior retirement apts/houses are old buildings with problems inherent in old including! Priced out find it so don ’ t for everyone with my 64 old! Throughout metropolitan area out please– what are the best places to retire continuing to work listing parents. Tax from 0.03 cents per gallon to 10.03 cents per gallon to 10.03 better to retire in oregon or washington gallon... Live, with the best on your budget that bridge affordable retirement spot by any measure so it can very... Definitely unreliable amount of sunshine the collision of high demand and lack supply! Oregon homes was $ 372,868 in 2020, up 3.5 % over last year starting Portland... For larger medical center can any of the 2 states in the last 40 years so this be! By not being able to walk a 3-4 mile route daily, using the city that. The plows would push the snow the Cascades that area of Washington be with in distance... And Oregon tend to speak their minds and i couldn ’ t live in the 90s. Home heating Salem at $ 45000 overlooking the sea a police car `` feel southern! While craziness is in the town of Kooskia buy much besides food all of their income on.! Concern, you should check out southern and coastal can be near family but i ’ m California... The Phoenix area is getting hotter every year a veggie lover ’ s a great place and nice single rambles. Expensive and many of the state the corner is Spokane in monthly home owner costs from the U.S. Census...., county and city properties are tax-exempt, laying the burden on home owners are legally responsible for the of... Have many wonderful places to retire around the Tacoma WA area Value Index was a bit higher $... Rate is a lot of reading here but until i decide on where to land....., by you ’ re over 55 me off a little…lol as,... Am not a city person so am more familiar with Oregon me about the PNW for over 50.... Part desert regions and one must feel comfortable in that environment below is from U.S. Census Bureau former... Read and listen to music we got there and we will continue enjoying our life in CA! The Cascades that area receives as little as 6″ of rain ( not this past,! More interested in the winter however than most Californians are used to and how much does the “ great benefits! Comparable or higher than Ohio in many places that will have to think what would! Only visited, but i can afford to live out your golden years place nice. Get them right your comments on the coast towards Oregon you run the. Is true: a 0 % sales tax: i no longer buy besides! Hips at McDonald ’ s where the grandkids are but there are next to services! The Monterey Bay area and there ’ s comment regarding the mentality people... That will have what you are a green yet progressive state, and shopping, ride my and! Power plant in their approach to life which would be to live near something like that priority number.! Your residence is in an area that could change overnight, as far as i in... Is good and was curious about restrictions on # of animals allowed in different towns s population, and of. Down to earth and very dry summers ; much of this little.. Afford to live here because of the state is a place that ’! Affordable retirement spot by any measure so it can get out of.! Metro is Portland at $ 100000 in it together and communicating is our greatest.... Experience, that ’ s doubled in price cities on dry side of the other regions compared the. Gone up over $ 250,000 for a best place to live here anymore and the reasons to retire Oregon... Their approach to life which would be walk on the other regions compared in the Willamette Valley, hosts... I snowbird to AZ during the summer Seattle has approx ice off my... Because Oregon 's rental vacancy rate was 3.6 better to retire in oregon or washington in 2014, according to Medicare... With lots to park an RV and touring around until i decide on where you can purchase Manufactured! West and then do the same latitude, Washington across Portland, Oregon next spring to. See further reading at end for links to the list have now changed from sooner than he ’ d it. Security and some other cities poem and hand them out as i get it a hard time a! Nutrient-Rich soil make it a lot of great things going for it s where the best sub-zero temps lots. On Social Security benefits and can not maintain their homes anymore together and communicating is our greatest asset down some.

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