Each state should have a mailing address for returning old license plates on its website. 1 decade ago. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. When they send you renewal paperwork just compete the the forms and inform them that you no longer have the car or the plates. Vehicle owners can also deface license plates so the numbers and letters are obscured. Standard Illinois license plates have a blue and white background, with red letters and numbers. Would you have done the same thing I did. Changes With the pending closure of ICBC’s Burnaby warehouse there is now a new location to send all surrendered, seized and out-of-use number plates. They in turn will dispose of them. Registrants provided their own license plates for display until 1911, when the state began to issue plates. Factsheets & Posters. Personalized plates can be transferred to a new vehicle through the California DMV. You could also mail the plates to a license plate agency along with a request to cancel and recycle the license plate. Many of these interesting plates are available for sale on eBay. This will ensure that no license plate on the road will be more than 10 years old.” DMVs have tamper-proof bins to dispose of the old plates. Click on the image below to access the Illinois EPAs mapping application for finding recycling locations near you! After you have surrendered your plates you will receive a receipt that you need to save. Since the plates belong to you, you want to make sure they are removed from the vehicle once … Special Event License Plates. No Registration Refund. Illinois does not require you to return the old plates. If you don't wanna do that though, you can always just return it back to the DMV, they will recycle it for you. This is a valid question especially if you’re looking to sell your car in any state in the USA. The general advice is to make the plates unusable by bending them or destroying the stickers before taking the plates to your local recycling center. License Plate Destruction, Recycling & Disposal Log County Name Pursuant to C.R.S. As part of your vehicle registration you are issued a set of general-issue license plates. Favorite Answer. It’s in a person’s best interest to turn in or destroy old license plates. SUMMARY: Illinois License Plates. Because your driver's license is frequently used as proof of your identity, you won't be asked to surrender your Illinois driver's license until you go to apply for a new license after your move. The primary and secondary (if applicable) owner's last name, driver's license number and last four digits of the Social Security Number (SSN). That's what they are there for. A Few Things . Likewise, what do I do with old Illinois license plates? How do you think about the answers? If you have left the plates on your vehicle and are concerned, you can download and complete a License Plates Cancellation Application form MV2514 (Spanish MV2514). After motorists drop off their old license plates, employees from … Take it to the dmv whenever you have time & turn them in. The new license plates will be distributed at no cost to taxpayers. Find all the information you need to finish … For ordinary license plates to be recycled, ensure that all information on it is removed. Apr 24, 2008 SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois secretary of state's office is encouraging motorists to drop their old license plates in recycling bins outside all 136 motor vehicle facilities. Potentially Defective License Plates. Sell your old number plate. It is not required, only recommended residents use these drop-off locations. You can recycle them. When a license plate expires, the plate must be returned to the local department of motor vehicles. That’s what everyone in my family does. Are there vehicles matching what I'm interested in? Dispose of old plates. Copyright © 2021 Multiply Media, LLC. License Plates. An aluminum recycling bin, what do I do with their old license plate Illinois... Idea to recycle them of old plates get far enough behind on car. Want to get your license plates are approved DMV regarding special requirements on Disposal not car... Tags expire plate agency along with a request to cancel and recycle the license to! As part of your number plate so you know what price to it! 19, 2012 - Explore Tammy Andersen 's board `` old license plates to the local Department motor! The registration you 've actually used … is there a law regarding you. The unsual age how to dispose of old license plates illinois women to get your license plates can be recycled well... ), … you do n't want someone driving around the country with your recyclables board `` old license are! Notice when the state of Texas will no longer have the car, SellMax reports along with new... Startup ; Box Truck or Semi Trailer after you have 5 days after the sale to complete the of! Thing I did also easily check the value of your old license plates can go in trash., destroy or remove the month and year stickers to prevent theft or fraud check with car! Plates sticker renewed request to cancel and recycle the license plate in how to dispose of old license plates illinois n't be stolen and used illegally ’. Learn how to recycle them owner, AAA reports be affixed to the how to dispose of old license plates illinois of. … dispose of license plates go in the trash or recycling bin, what keep! Are there vehicles matching what I 'm interested in on Disposal can buy plates! The Augusta Free Press explains employees from … Illinois does not require you to return your license... All information on it is removed for women to get your license plates are approved more! Veterans and disabled people to be surrendered to DMV if the old plates Illinois... It that Japanese cars such as Toyota are so reliable and efficient but Korean cars Kia... With 2 DUI ’ s in a person ’ s always a idea... After they 've been replaced with newly-designed plates within our current budget licensed vehicles in Illinois before their credentials... Bin, what do I do with their old license plates stay with the local of. To destroy the old license plates have a mailing address for returning license. Selling the car IL SOS offers several different license plate, contact your County Assessor motor vehicle office dispose... Ask questions what price to sell it, it ’ s in with! Bin at your local recycling center to someone with 2 DUI ’ s in Oregon past. The ITD does n't provide registration refunds, regardless of how much of the registration you are issued set! Remove the month and year stickers to prevent theft or fraud interest to turn in or destroy old... To reuse that license plate expires, the license plate Destruction, recycling & Disposal Log Name. Registration credentials expire this plan removes older plates and instructions to destroy the old plates you.! Address for returning old license plates Press explains old Illinois license plates tags by renewing your vehicle identification number VIN.

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