Currently, the best motorcycle seat cushion is the Airhawk R-REVB. I checked it again when I returned back to my house (about an hour from the first check) and the seat cushion was good to go. Being We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The Airhawk is set up with an inflation stem similar to a valve stem In any case, you can always just inflate the Airhawk cushion slightly and then go up from there until you find the perfect spot (instead of the recommendation of inflating the Airhawk to 100% capacity and then deflating it until it’s at one third of its inflatable capacity). Which gel seat pad would you suggest for a sportbike and riding twisties – knee down? This is very important to follow. I had an airhawk from years ago which I believe was the older version. Yep, inflating the Airhawk cushion to its gills (i.e. counter clockwise (the ‘ol righty tight left loosey thing) and blow Airhawk can be inflated with any healthy set of lungs the ‘ol fashioned Thank you for your support! The Airhawk seat cushion is right up your alley as a serious upgrade in riding comfort for your Honda Rebel. Hope that helps and feel free to ask any further questions. I got my learners motorbike license so I’m stuck atm with a 250cc Honda Rebel. As opposed to using a gel or foam pad where the material crushes under … Airhawk offers a lifetime warranty on cell pads to be … Airhawk R Cruiser Seat Pad Read More » Bear in mind that one key area for optimal riding comfort is allowing air to move around and dissipate between your buttocks and the seat. Airhawk Motorcycle Seat Cushion Questions,, How do I install and inflate my AIRHAWK? thing up yourself, which is what I do. flow in and out of the inflation stem is controlled by dialing a screw So, let us then tell you our full reviewing consensus of the Airhawk seat cushion! Quick strapping yielding a secured placement of the cushion. This reported adaptation of the Airhawk cushion is instantaneous. Only when you’ve found the perfect inflatable level of your Airhawk seat cushion, should you proceed to strap it down tight. talking about. AirHawk motorcycle Seat Cushions provide a quick and flexible comfort solution to your motorcycle seat, using specially medically-designed DRY FLOTATION technology. The editorial rating awarded to the Airhawk seat cushion is based upon the product’s expected use (and abuse) as well as the product’s total features when compared to its direct competitors: Buy the Airhawk at the best prices HERE (size 14 in x 14 in, for driver seat and passenger seat on big cruisers) and HERE (11 in x 11 in, for passenger seat on small cruisers or for driver/passenger seat on sport tourers), Last Updated: 20th April 2020 Another performance aspect worth pointing out is that the Airhawk seat cushion takes many weeks to even begin to lose its inflation. ‘butt bones’ are the contact points you feel when sitting in a hard Universal sizes available that fit all road/street motorcycles. "@type": "Rating", It’s nice I also like how Airhawk lists the product’s details in an inner tag within the Airhawk’s cover. This cushion measures 19” x 19” as opposed to the office chair version that’s 19” x 17” for the same price! Any pressure points from riding in the same position are gone regardless of how many hours you’re riding without changing your seating position. You’d be hard pressed to find an aftermarket seat that is capable of this feat. }, If you want to increase your riding time on your motorcycle but your stock seat is uncomfortable, the Airhawk Motorcycle seat cushion is an excellent option to give your rear end and lower back some relief without the huge cost of buying a new seat. As far as changing my feel or connection to the to feel as firm as it did when I left the house. Great for long rides and awesome you can adjust the air for your booty! go ahead and just purchase a custom seat. far as weather, I had a nice day – partly cloudy and 70 which was nice. Just make sure to inflate your Airhawk as advised in our review and you’ll be golden. Needless to say, these engines vibrate a lot (especially the Sportster) and I’m confident in saying that transferred engine vibration was cut in half. aren’t the most comfortable and upgrading the entire seat can be Just like anything that’s I feel like this one will be a little large but I believe the smaller one will be too small. enjoyed the ride up and back and even forgot I was even sitting on the } Bumps that would have me clenching my teeth when preparing to ride through them were no longer spine-shaking thanks to the Airhawk seat cushion. Q: What Does the Airhawk com with in the box? The part of the review where it says the Airhawk should be aired to 1/3 to 1/2 is 100% correct!! But the Airhawk will add the extra comfort I’m hoping from your review guide. Tried again and again at 100% air capacity but nothing and not even on flat roads would it feel stable. a couple of stops I found my ‘goldilocks zone’ and headed up the For the record, polyurethane is a very-resilient compound that’s also used in premium motorcycle armor sporting the highest levels of impact protection and durability. Taking It’s a 20-second process that’s worth doing once per week when using the Airhawk seat cushion. get it firm and ready for my ride. I’m healthy, and riding!, but not sure what it’d be like with the Airhawk. I much prefer this current one. "brand": { Cruiser R: 11 inches long x 11 inches wide (11L x 11w), Cruiser Small: 18 inches Long x 12 inches W (18L x 12W), Dual Sport: 11 inches long x 11 inches wide (11L x 11W). I’m talking of no loss of inflation whatsoever during day-long rides as well as when leaving the Airhawk on the shelf unused for weeks at a time. As For anything other than blasting through secondary roads at illegal speeds while shaving off knee sliders, the Airhawk is the ultimate comfort upgrade without the associated wallet-draining price tag of aftermarket motorcycle seats. new, I just needed to get accustomed to it. Somehow gel pads don’t do it for me so I’m stepping up to the airhawk. Riding a motorcycle is always fun, and most riders would not think twice about spending the whole day riding just for the sake of it. I’m 71 years of age so I don’t have the lungs I had 40 years ago. Don’t worry if your Airhawk seat cushion feels like it isn’t inflated enough, for chances are that it will be inflated correctly and you will then experience the performance enhancement of this peculiar air-bladder cushion. Measure the width of your seat so you have an idea of which seat pad to order. Once I was used to it, I had no issues in normal traffic conditions and on the highway handling my motorcycle. of the reading I had done about this happening, I was on guard with Your email address will not be published. Recent News 5 Reasons Why AirHawk® is the Best Motorcycle Seat Cushion of 2019. The air bladders also dampen road irregularities so much that you feel somewhat disconnected from the road. is going to happen more frequently, which adds time on to your trip. This Airhawk seat cushion comes with a … One minor complaint that I have is that, when strapped correctly, the anchoring points of the Airhawk collapse the mesh walls of the cover, which looks a bit ugly; but that’s how you want your Airhawk to be tightened down as for maximum safety. The patented air cell technology also helps to prevent future injuries from occurring as well. whole ‘changed my feel and how I handled my bike’ that people were Will an airhawk work for the Indian Scout too? Polyurethane is much lighter, thinner and does not stretch as much as neoprene (neoprene was used in the older version). Q: Will this seat cushion make you sit higher in the seat? For all that matters, this is excellent for covering hundreds of miles per day and for riding in a style that demands little skill. The air cell technology supports your pressure points, including your tailbone. take some long trips (long being longer than an hour straight of riding) Gel seats can’t do it. Your wife will really appreciate the increased comfort; you can take my word on that. I Fasten one end of the strap hook to the front seat cover loop. ​ It takes several turns counter clockwise to open the cap/valve to its maximum position. my seat where I wanted it. The bottom side of the Airhawk’s cover (depicted above) is, by itself, very gripping and the adjustable straps anchoring the sides of the Airhawk’s chassis ensure complete stillness. Hello, I was reading your review of the Progressive shocks and then bumped into this other review. leads to not wanting to ride your motorcycle. Airhawk provides two straps that stretch and have a buckle on one end The Airhawk is universal and fits just about any motorcycle. Unfortunately, cushion tends to be bulky, so the comfier you get, the larger your seat gets and style goes out the window. The Airhawk seat cushion overlay delivers unsurpassed comfort that's backed by real science. I couldn’t get anymore air into the bladder cell(s) which meant that there was no air loss so far in the ride. consider. This motorcycle seat cushion is for riders looking to extend the It’s the same product and this review is equally applicable to both Airhawk 2 and Airhawk seat cushions. I walked away after the long ride with no ‘derrière’ or back ache! Center cutout area runs from front to back on cushion. Find Your Perfect Seat: 4 … That’s how reliable the air-retaining capacity of the Airhawk is. I had no issues with the seat pad moving in "@type": "Product", air cell pad, and 2 straps to attach the seat to your motorcycle. So long as the dimensions of the passenger seat are the same which is what is it on mine approximately. Unfortunately had some winds to deal with, which didn’t thrill me. Chiefly, for cruisers and tourers, you want the Airhawk in THIS size for the driver’s seat and the passenger seat if it’s long enough (14 inches) and you want THIS size for the passenger seat on small cruisers and tourers or for the driver/passenger seat on any ADV and dual-sport motorcycles. If your motorcycle seat doesn't satisfy your comfort needs stopping you from going the distance, the Airhawk Motorcycle Seat Cushion is the perfect answer! riding. If you go bigger, the perimeter of the Airhawk seat will hang down the perimeter of the seat pan. That said, I recommend briefly checking your Airhawk if not used for longer than a week and perhaps giving it a couple of extra puffs of air and then adjusting the inflation level again (as described in the next section of this review). There’s too much disconnection from the road and it’s not possible to get a solid, firm grip on the Airhawk cushion when leaning through twisty curves on a sportbike. Apologies if the answer may be obvious but my wife and I are looking to spend three weeks covering 8k miles. The non skid that they Airhawk R Cruiser Seat Pad Item: P314364 Read 157 Reviews 106 Q&As Write a Review A recessed center channel relieves perineal pressure while an array of air pockets uniformly supports everything else for a truly comfortable ride. All other properties of regular Airhawk … Air-filled cushion fits to your shape and redistributes pressure. the experience! ], You inflate the Airhawk by blowing on its valve stem and then seal the inflated air by screwing in the top of the valve stem; you let air out of the Airhawk by unscrewing said top. Too far forward – felt like it wasn’t doing its job. A: No. At this inflatable level, you should be able to pinch any individual air bladder with your fingers and fully deflate it as the bladder’s air escapes towards its adjacent bladders; that’s basically the Airhawk’s magical redistribution of air at work in front of your very eyes. The Airhawk is an affordable upgrade for many motorcycles. Required fields are marked *. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced solution, grab yourself the Airhawk R cruiser seat cushion. chances are you’re going to experience some discomfort. creep into tailbone, lower back (which is where I get pain after a

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