Calorie Goal 1,850 cal. On the stove, in an air popper, or in the microwave, it’s easy to get the perfect bowl of popcorn every time! It's … [13], In September 2000, K&K Popcorn received a second $40,000 forgivable loan through VAPPFAP. These tiny, heirloom popcorn kernels will change the way you experience popcorn forever. Description. Farmed in Iowa, this Non-GMO popcorn is easy to digest and WON’T get stuck in your teeth! 53 % 9g Fat. Annoying hulls getting stuck in your teeth and throat are a thing of the past, and folks who have difficulty digesting most popcorn can eat Tiny But Mighty. Heirloom - Tiny but Mighty Popcorn, Sea Salt. Tiny But Mighty Popcorn is grown and harvested by farmers Gene and Lynn Mealhow from Shellsburg, Iowa. Tiny But Mighty petite popcorn is naturally rich in buttery flavor, made from thin hulls bursting with concentrated flavor. Discovered in the 1850s, it has never been genetically modified or hybridized to become something nature didn’t intend. [11] Kelty said about the Mealhows, "They embrace the concept of having this direct relationship between the customer and the producer that I think is so important for this product." [5] After the Mealhows purchased the company, they moved its processing equipment from the Kelty farm in Urbana to their own farm north of Shellsburg, Iowa. [12], By October 2014, Tiny but Mighty Popcorn had eight full-time employees and more than 200 acres (81 ha) in Iowa and Illinois. 7.5 oz. [6][7] The Kelty family had never sold the popcorn, which was only grown for personal consumption. Free 2-day shipping. - Farmer Gene. UNPOPPED KERNELS. Our little heirloom has tiny hulls that virtually disintegrate when popped. [9] Kelty's only marketing effort was to pop his popcorn at grocery stores and give away samples. 1 talking about this. Preserved by a pioneer family in Iowa since the 1850's, Tiny But Mighty Popcorn was passed on to Farmer Gene and family who spent the past 20 years perfecting the secrets of this old world … Often Bought With. Daily Goals. The second loan was used to finance additional processing equipment and storage space. At that time, the company had 130 acres (53 ha) of land for popcorn crops. According to the packaging, this is so it’s “easy to digest” and less likely to get stuck in one’s teeth, a common issue with popcorn. $ctrl.SHOP.cart.lineItemCount : ''}}, | {{$ctrl.SHOP.cart.lineItemCount}} Item{{$ctrl.SHOP.cart.lineItemCount == 1 ? '' The first ever all natural spicy microwave popcorn has just the right amount of kick. In Tiny but Mighty, Hannah not only outlines the dangers newborn kittens face and how she combats them, but how you can help every step of the way, from fighting feline overpopulation on the streets to fostering unweaned kittens, from combating illness to combating compassion fatigue, from finding a vet to finding the purrfect forever home. This one-of-a-kind tiny kernel grows on tiny ears and is packed with mighty flavor. Each kernel was capable of producing four to six stalks with three to four ears of corn each, unlike field corn. [11][3] The Mealhows purchased the company on July 1, 1999,[5] allowing Kelty to retire. Tiny But Mighty : Popcorn Kernels $ 8.95. The loan was used to convert a building on the Mealhow farm into an upgraded popcorn-processing facility. [5], During the 1990s, Gene Mealhow, another eastern Iowa farmer, was working as a soil consultant. Tiny Popcorn. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. QUICK & EASY: Enjoy a tasty, guilt-free snack in a matter of minutes! The loan was secured with help by the Benton Development Group and the Marion Small Business Development Center, and was made through the Value Added Agricultural Products and Processes Financial Assistance Program (VAPPFAP), offered by the Iowa Department of Economic Development. Heirloom, Hulless, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher. 20 oz. [9], By 1995, the popcorn operation had grown to include the entire Kelty farm, consisting of 125 acres (51 ha). "[5], The corn grown by Kelty was never hybridized or genetically modified. [5][13] Sales increased each month after the Mealhow purchase due to an expanded marketing effort,[13] which was led by the Mealhows' son, Nate. [11] A microwavable version of the company's popcorn was introduced in October 2014, at which point pre-popped flavored corn was also available,[3] including white cheddar. Discovered in the 1850s, it has never been genetically modified or hybridized to become something nature didn’t intend. Won't get stuck in your teeth. [12], As of 2013, the popcorn was available in most Fareway and Hy-Vee stores, as well as approximately 40 Whole Foods stores in the midwestern and eastern United States. 39 % 15g Carbs. How does this food fit into your daily goals? [3][10] Mealhow and his wife, Lynn, had been growing organic crops on their farm since 1989. Stores also continued to sell K&K's un-popped popcorn, which at that time was made without preservatives, as well as artificial colors and flavors. CBS, as well as several magazines and newspapers, eventually reported about the popcorn; Kelty later said, "I've had people call me and say they've been trying to find out where they can get this popcorn at for two years after they saw one of the stories. By Nancy Dorman-Hickson | Photos By Justin Hayworth Tiny but Mighty Popcorn is an American brand of heirloom popcorn, introduced in 1981, when Iowa farmer Richard Kelty founded K&K Popcorn. We are proud to support Autism Hope Alliance, the first autism non-profit foundation to emerge from the natural foods industry. QUICK & EASY: Enjoy a tasty, guilt-free snack in a matter of minutes! Tiny But Mighty Popcorn. This is the most flavorful popcorn we’ve tasted – and its hulls explode so they don’t get stuck in your teeth. Buy Tiny But Mighty Light Butter Heirloom Popcorn for the Microwave Pack of 3 at Personalized health review for Tiny But Mighty Popcorn Popcorn, Butter Flavored: 150 calories, nutrition grade (B minus), problematic ingredients, and more. Our whole grain popcorn is gluten-free, non-gmo and whole kosher. Tiny But Mighty Popcorn is all upside: a microwave popcorn that’s pure, simple and unassuming but packed with real flavor in each tiny kernel. Learn the good & … Log Food. The little heirloom seed was discovered in Iowa in the early 1850s, and has never been genetically modified or hybridized. [5] The popcorn had been introduced to the Kelty family by Native Americans, who shared it with them. Easy to digest. OUR POPCORN IS AN HEIRLOOM SEED. For generations, the seeds that produce the Tiny But Mighty Popcorn have been used to grow the short stalks that produce up to 36 ears of corn that measure about 3 … [3] As of May 2015, the company had 18 employees and an annual profit of $3 million to $5 million, with average yearly sales of 1.6 million pounds of popcorn. HEALTHY SNACK: Tiny But Mighty Popcorn is gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, kosher & easy to digest. It is a great snack for the whole family! Personalized health review for Tiny But Mighty Heirloom Popcorn: 120 calories, nutrition grade (A minus), problematic ingredients, and more. Iowa farmers Gene and Lynn Mealhow later purchased the company in 1999, and subsequently renamed it. Act II popcorn is more chewy than crunchy with a very light coating of buttery flavor. Lynn Mealhow noted that unlike newer varieties of popcorn at that time, the company's heirloom variety did not taste right if popped in a microwave. [2], The Mealhows began growing the popcorn through an organic method that included farming the biology of the soil. This tiny popcorn comes from Iowa and was discovered in the 1850s. Easy to digest. Easy to digest + won't get stuck in teeth! "[16] In 2014, Evan S. Benn of the Miami Herald stated that Tiny but Mighty Popcorn was his favorite variety of newly emerging heirloom popcorns, writing, "The popcorn has a sweet, nutty flavor, and because the kernels are so small, their hulls disintegrate when popped, so no pesky bits will stick between your teeth. All rights reserved. 160 / 2,300g left. [2] Fifteen growers had been contracted to grow popcorn for the company, which had expanded into the organic market. Iowa farmers Gene and Lynn Mealhow later purchased the company in 1999, and subsequently renamed it. 9 / 67g left. [7] At the time, K&K Popcorn was sold through mail order and was available in each U.S. state. Since 1854, the ancestors of Richard Kelty (1936-2015)[1] had been growing an heirloom popcorn variety out of small kernels, whose hulls would disintegrate after being popped,[2][3][4] resulting in a richer taste. No shells. True to its name, the popped kernels in Tiny But Mighty’s popcorn are, well, tiny. Gene Mealhow expected to grow the company within three to five years for anticipated yearly sales of 15 million pounds of popcorn per year. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . Fast forward three generations to Richard Kelty, Samuel’s great, great, great grandson, discovering his mother about to pop the last remaining kernels. [5] Gene Mealhow met Kelty in the early 1990s,[8] and they worked together to improve Kelty's popcorn crop. [3] Kelty's stalks would reach a height of four to five feet. Tiny but Mighty Popcorn is an American brand of heirloom popcorn, introduced in 1981, when Iowa farmer Richard Kelty founded K&K Popcorn. At that time, the popcorn was available in nearly every U.S. state through mail order, and was also sold in local stores, including Hy-Vee. This heirloom variety is small and the thin hull virtually disintegrates when popped. A pre-popped variety was also offered in several flavors. Ancient Heirloom Popcorn: Tiny But Mighty is an ancient heirloom variety that is completely unique, outrageously delicious, and will change the way you think about popcorn forever! Non … Because Tiny But Mighty Popcorn is a smaller variety of popcorn, it’s virtually hulless, which means it doesn’t have those annoying shells that get stuck in your teeth. : 's'}}. "[2], As of 2002, K&K offered un-popped popcorn in bags ranging from one to five pounds, as well as a 50-pound option. [5] Kelty operated the business with his wife. HEALTHY SNACK: Tiny But Mighty Popcorn is gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, kosher & easy to digest. Annie's Homegrown Bunny Fruit Snacks, Organic, Summer Strawberry. There are no artificial ingredients, flavors or preservatives in any of our products. Market Square's popcorn went on sale in Iowa in December 2003, and was available in four flavors. The company would then package the popcorn under the label, "The World's Tiniest Popcorn We Think." As the story goes, the Kelty family either found their tiny popcorn: “growing wild, or traded Native Americans for it,” Gene Mealhow explains, and passed it … Non … It … [13] As a condition of the two loans, the Mealhows were required make it a necessity for local farmers to grow popcorn. [7][8] Eventually, Kelty and his wife, Rita, annually planted four rows of popcorn behind their house, which later increased to ten rows after their friends and neighbors requested more for their consumption. [5] The corn was grown without the use of pesticides. The company's popcorn was eventually carried in every Whole Foods store in Chicago. Tiny but Mighty now has eight full-time employees and oversees more than 200 acres in Illinois and Iowa. Blue Diamond Almonds Hint of … [14], At the time of the Mealhow purchase, K&K Popcorn was sold through Fareway stores. Tiny But Mighty Foods Light Butter Microwave Heirloom Popcorn. 150 / 2,000 cal left. Tiny But Mighty Popcorn is all upside: a microwave popcorn that’s pure, simple and unassuming but packed with REAL flavor in each tiny kernel. Gene Mealhow stated that the popcorn's "disappearing hull" was appealing to people with digestive problems such as diverticulitis; one of the company's top-selling locations was Florida, which had a high population of older residents. It has expanded, selling pre-popped flavored corn in bags. 8 % 3g Protein. [9] Each ear of corn was grown to be less than three inches long. [9] A toll-free telephone number had also been installed recently to generate interest in the company. [15], Kaitlyn Goalen of Tasting Table wrote that the company's "petite kernels are reinventing our favorite silver-screen snack. Tiny but might heirloom popcorn unpopped kernels are unique seeds that are perfect for popping with coconut, avocado or sunflower oil for a healthy snack. [13] By the end of 2003, the company had 18 contracted popcorn farmers. © 2021 Tiny But Mighty Foods. FULLY COMMITTED: Tiny But Mighty is committed to making the best popcorn ever! "[17], "Family tastes success with heirloom popcorn", "Heirloom Popcorn Helps a Snack Reinvent Itself", "Owners popping up something new at K&K Popcorn", "Ancient Tiny Popcorn in New Taste Sensation", "Our ancient tiny popcorn was nearly lost forever", "Small packages popping seams with big opportunity: Urbana couple sell tiny popcorn across nation", "Tiny But Mighty Popcorn is heirloom popcorn packed with natural flavor", "Shellsburg popcorn grower links up with national distributor: Access includes to spots on Whole Foods, Hy-Vee shelves", "New version of Shellsburg popcorn available in stores", "K&K Popcorn gets another expansion grant", "Popcorn sales bursting with new organic, gourmet, pre-popped snacks", "Tiny Dancers: Baby popcorn that won't stick in your teeth", "Shooper's Dictionary: Tiny but Mighty popcorn",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 December 2020, at 13:39. Fat 58g. The Mealhows also planned to launch a company web site and increase its marketing efforts. [12] Shortly after the purchase, the Mealhows secured a $40,000 forgivable loan. Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. Sodium 2,140g. 3 Reviews (319) 436-2119. [9] The characteristics of Kelty's popcorn were created through open pollination, seed selection, and roguing. 7.5 oz. A ready-to-eat version of the company's popcorn had also been launched by that time, and a deal had been signed with national distributor KeHE, allowing for access to 30,000 U.S. grocery stores. Our 20 oz. Tiny Popcorn, Mighty Flavor! It’s popcorn with a Napoleon complex that we can get behind. [11][3] By 2000, the company's popcorn was advertised as being the world's smallest;[13] Gene Mealhow stated, "The smaller the kernel, the better the flavor. Every week for five weeks now, I get Tiny but Mighty Popcorn in my New Pioneer Co-op Cart order. There are two parts to a seed – the Aleurone (inner layer) and the Pericarp – or hull (outer layer). Tiny But Mighty is doing a #TinyMatters Giveaway to help spread the word and inspire people to do tiny things that make a mighty difference. One store manager in Chicago ultimately agreed to stock the product for a month; the manager contacted the family 10 days later to request additional stock after it sold out. Act II. [11] The Mealhows were initially unsuccessful in convincing Whole Foods Market to carry their product. FULLY COMMITTED: Tiny But Mighty is committed to making the best popcorn ever! Get some here! Won't get stuck in your teeth. K & K Tiny But Mighty Popcorn 3282 62nd St Shellsburg IA 52332. Research at Purdue University has confirmed that its genotype is completely unique. [9] Kelty then chose to begin selling the popcorn,[7] and founded K&K Popcorn in 1981. Tiny But Mighty Foods Heirloom Popcorn. Tiny Popcorn. No shells. Serving Size : 1 ounce. [7], After Richard Kelty retired from the military in the mid-1970s, he obtained a handful of the corn from a relative and planted it on his farm in Urbana, Iowa. Why Heirloom Matters 150 Cal. *, People support what we're doing, because it's beyond just raising good popcorn; it's being a steward of the land, developing new corn varieties, making a change in the world for the next generation...people support that. The Tiny But Mighty Popcorn King Gene Mealhow, aka “Farmer Gene,” has found success with an ancient heirloom seed, a focus on soil health and a commitment to marketing what he grows. However, in a blind taste test, this feature threw us off.

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